Project : Demonstration of an on-site Automated Environmental Monitoring Instrument for real-time detection of hazardous air born particles and Activation of alarms.

Start date:2011-10-01 and End date:2013-09-30

Objective: This project will demonstrate a novel air quality monitoring systems, which has been developed in a previously EC funded FP7 project Nano-air. This instrument can collect the fine dust particles from the environment in real time, by using X-Ray diffraction (XRD) technology; the collected particles are analyzed qualitative and quantitatively to get detailed information on the phases present in dust, their quantity, and structural/microstructural information. This allows the activation of alarms in case hazardous breathable particles are present in the environment. The entire process is performed in the real time and therefore allows the continuous monitoring of ambient air in the industrial cities, air pollution monitoring in vicinity of industrial site, and air quality at workplaces transforming and manufacturing nano-materials. 

The EnviroMonitor project will focus on a wide-range of industrial validation, performance verification against the off-site laboratory equipments Bench marks to demonstrate the R&D results achieved in Nano-Air. The design for efficient manufacture and disassembly will be done to reduce the cost of the assembly and comply with standards, and to achieve this we will implantation additional technical solutions. Further we will build up on the market studies we have done in the course of Nano-Air project and come up with a detailed market strategy and a business plan. 

This system will be demonstrated in a wide range of applications, ranging from workplace transforming and manufacturing products from nano-materials, to city administarions for traffic and industrial pollution monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring.



Comde and Inel have presented at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, June 18th to 22th, 2012, at hall 5.0 stand A46


Camfil also exhibit the "air lab lorry"

Project ID:

Duration: 24 months 

  Project Reference: 286570 

  Programme Acronym: FP7-SME 

  Programme type: Seventh Framework Programme 

  Subprogramme Area: Demonstration action 

  Contract type: Collaborative project (generic)